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Personal Injury

Personal injury claims can involve injuries resulting from automobile accidents, slip and fall injuries, children's injuries, defective products, and injuries resulting from a professional error such as medical negligence. Our representation of clients for personal injury claims typically involves recovering funds to pay for suffering and mental anguish, medical bills and expenses, lost earnings, pain, permanent disability and emotional or psychological injuries.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in personal injury cases. When a case comes into Alkalay & Smillie, PLLC, we will meet with you personally. Typically, our representation includes the evaluation, preparation and assertion of your claim including, if necessary, the trial of your case in the appropriate court. Our commitment to use the necessary resources for a client's case ensures that your case will receive the personal attention and care that it demands. While many personal injury cases are settled prior to trial, we will go to trial on your behalf if a fair settlement proposal is not made to you.

Normally, there is no charge for your initial interview with the firm. Cases are most often handled on a contingent fee basis in which our fee is a percentage of the recovery we achieve for you and is payable at the time of settlement or verdict from the funds recovered.