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DWI Defense

The attorneys at Alkalay & Smillie thrive on positive results for our clients. Defending a DWI/DUI/OUI case (Driving Under The Influence of Drugs or Liquor) requires quick and forceful advocacy. With the penalties for such crimes increasing throughout New Hampshire and Maine, only an experienced and skilled attorney can combat the familiarity and knowledge of law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

Having previously worked as a prosecutor and with many years experience in defending DWI cases, Attorney Edward D. Alkalay leads the firm in defending these cases. There are many critical issues which must be addressed immediately after an individual has been arrested. These decisions will impact future license suspension, fines, imprisonment and other important issues.

With the consequences so severe, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be critical to understanding your options, negotiating an acceptable plea bargain, and, when necessary, aggressively trying the case.